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Why to apply to the Mediator?

The Mediator's professional activity is the quick, efficient, free examination and resolution of claims submitted by individuals and micro-business entities against financial organizations.
The Mediator's office has implemented a combined model of mediation and decision-making, thanks to which it is possible to resolve the dispute by mediation in order to find a mutually preferable solution for the parties and to preserve the existing relations between them, and in case of its impossibility, by making a decision.
You do not lose anything when contacting the Mediator, because the Mediator's services are free, there is no need for a lawyer, and if you do not agree with the decision made by the Mediator, you have the right to appeal to the court.
Over 13 years, thanks to the active efforts of the Mediator's office, more than 33,000 claims have been resolved, and financial organizations have compensated clients with more than 2.6 billion AMD through mediation.


The Mediator is independent of state-local self-government bodies, and officials, as well as any natural or legal person. The independence is provided with both functional and organizational legal guarantees. The Mediator investigates and resolves the cases governed only by the Law and assesses the circumstances of the case solely by his inner conviction. The Mediator is free from any influence when implementing the activities.


The Mediator resolves disputes with financial organizations FREE, that is, the client doesn’t pay any fee for accepting, examining and deciding the claim by the Mediator.


Governed by the RA Legislation, the rules of business ethics, and taking into consideration the judicial practices and precedent decisions, the Mediator conducts a fair and impartial investigation of the cases based on the principle of equality of people engaged in the case. The two parties are given equal rights to present their positions.
Here you can get acquainted with the Investigated Cases (Precedents).


         The case investigation process in the Mediator’s office is clear and fast. The case investigation process takes 24 business days (in the case of especially complex cases the time frame can be extended for 14 business days). If the parties prefer the option of resolving the dispute through mediation, the investigation of the claim is completed in the shortest time.
Here you can find more information on the case investigation procedure.


The productivity of the activities of the Office is ensured by the quick and simplified procedure of the case investigation. The absence of overly formal procedures in the process of investigation and resolution of claims enables the Mediator to resolve disputes presented by clients against financial organizations using a more flexible toolkit. There is no need for a lawyer when applying to a Mediator.

Statistical data

5602The number of claims
5602/ 3643Claims settled in favor of the client
3643/ 3332Claims upheld through mediation
338 mlnTotal amount of compensations (AMD)


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