This section offers you to learn about publications, such as monthly and annual reports, which the Office of Financial System Mediator issues on a regular basis.


According to the RA Law on Financial System Mediator, the Financial System Mediator shall publish monthly and annual reports. Thus, the Financial System Mediator shall make a round-up of their work done in the previous month and have it published before the 15th day of the month. According to the above mentioned law, the Mediator must, at least once a year, publish a report which should include:

  • information on general activities and system of administration of the Office of Mediator, and total number of claims,
  • information on the number of claims rejected and accepted, by type of organizations,
  • the list of organizations which did not cooperate or did not cooperate sufficiently with the Financial System Mediator,
  • information on the revenues and expenditures of the Office of Mediator,
  • other information as determined by the Board.


In pursuance of maintaining banking and insurance secrecy, the Financial System Mediator will not publish names (designations) of the parties involved in individual cases.